Cryptoassets Smart Management
Cryptoassets Smart Management
What is FluxOn
The activity of the FluxOn is aimed at crypto assets management, also providing a range of services in the cryptocurrencies mining with the usage of the most advanced systems and technologies.
Our company works with several algorithms of the cryptocurrencies consensus - PoW & PoS and Masternodes.
Mining and Masternode
Mining  - is an integral part of crypto-industry. Its goal is to provide the decentralization of the network and emission of new blocks that enables to get the respective remuneration.
Masternode  - is the server based on Blockchain network. It accomplishes the unique functions while ordinary miners can’t do it:
Instant Transactions
Anonymous transfers
Masternodes partially perform the work of miners in transactions processing, consequently they get a part of remuneration for the found block.
How it works
Partners buy FON
Asset allocation by strategy
Mining and Crypto asset management
The FluxOn system distributes profit between the FON
Partners receive their dividends
The company invests funds in different directions:
  • Management of cryptoactives
  • Mining PoW & PoS
  • Masternodes
The company registered its activity in Georgia (Tbilisi) that gives lots of advantages in work with cryptocurrencies compared to other countries.

A distinctive particularity of our company is the work with Masternodes which significantly prevails over physical mining. The FluxOn company has been one of the first companies in the market that started to work in this direction.

Special conditions
The FluxOn company deploys its Mining farms and Masternodes in the Georgian Free Industrial Zone (FTZ) and Xinjiang (Uyghur Autonomous region), that ensures benefits and loyalty to the company’s activity by the government.